The Wedding and the Aftermath

It’s hard to believe that Tio Daniel has been married almost 2 weeks now.  He had a cool app that we posted most of our pictures to, and most of our pictures were taken with hubs’ phone anyway.  I did take this selfie after my hair was finished and I was all dressed up:



Hubs and I had a great time at the wedding and we were so lucky that baby was at the hotel hanging out with Grandma.  In fact, when we got home, this is how we found them:



Grandma agrees that there’s nothing better than a sweet baby to curl up with.  Because we had to get home to baby, we didn’t have a terribly late night.  In the morning, we were able to catch breakfast with the bride and groom.  As we left, Tio Daniel got a last picture with our Sweet Little Miss:



I wonder why they always wear clashing colors.  He always does such a good job of getting her to smile.  It was a fun weekend, the wedding was beautiful and everyone was happy.  But, we had some fun to get to back north in Pompano Beach.


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