First Time in a Pool

I have to admit that I was pretty nervous about suiting up Little Miss.  If you recall, this was her reaction to her first time in the kiddie pool this summer:



It literally took months before she stopped screaming in the bath.  With that sort of history, it’s no wonder that I’ve been secretly grateful that we headed into colder weather and worries of water play dates vanished.  However, the condo has a pool and it was time to face the music, or water, and try again.  We took it slow.  First, I bought her the cutest swimsuit I could find.  May as well look the part.  Then, we let her play with the keys pool side.



She really seemed to enjoy that, but we couldn’t avoid the pool forever. So…I did what any nervous mama would do- I made Daddy take her in while I watched from afar.



She didn’t seem to object to that, so we let her in a bit more.  As her confidence grew, so did mine and I got closer.  



Since she seemed to be enjoying it, i took her and put her in a sling.  This helped ensure that I had my hands and she could keep her head above water.




Once we were both happy there, we took her out and played games in the water like splashing, pat-a-cake with her feet, and other fun water games.





It was a fun family adventure.  She had a good time in there for over 30 mins before we decided to go in.  I’m actually looking forward to going to our community pool this summer now. 

*Special thanks to Aunty Judy for the impromptu photo session.


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