Who Needs Pants?

Who Needs Pants?

We’ve traveled with Little Miss before, but only for weekends, or only to places where there was baby stuff on the other end. This was our first trip on an airplane, meaning we couldn’t bring every baby creature comfort under the sun like we normally do. I have no idea what this has to do with anything, so I’m just going to get to the point. We didn’t have a changing table for Little Miss, so we’ve just been putting a pad down on the floor and changing her there. Except now that our little pumpkin is crawling and in a new space, she no longer wants to sit still for diaper changes. We may be able to get the new diaper on her, but she keeps flipping over and wiggling around when attempting to redress her. On this afternoon I realized that we were currently in a warm climate which didn’t necessitate pants. So, I did what any lazy parent would do and followed the path of least resistance. Little Miss spent the afternoon exploring the condo without pants on, and we were all happier for it.


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