Florida, Baby!

Tio Daniel is getting married, so our family ventured down to Florida.  The family has a condo down here, so to make the most of our trip down South, we decided to add on a few days and enjoy the warm weather.  What great timing, as ‘polar vortex: the sequel’ is rearing its ugly head back home.  Yes, we traded in winter coats and shivery strolls for nice sunny walks in the stroller.  I’ve been coming to the condo since I was a child and there’s a pond where we used to feed the ducks.  We took Little MIss, but we forgot to buy bread.  Didn’t matter, the ducks came over to check us out anyway.  I decided that my cutie pies were cuter than silly old ducks, so I just focused on them in the photo.


Then I had to get a closeup of my baby.  Look at those gorgeous baby blues.



The thing I love about coming down to Florida in the winter time is that it’s always so green here.  I miss seeing green grass.  It’s a nice reminder of what’s to come if I can just hold on for a few more months up North.  

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