We knew that once Little Miss became mobile she’d get into all sorts of stuff.  However, I don’t think we were prepared for what exactly she’d get into.  Sure, she plays with her own toys, but she seems keenly aware of Huckleberry’s as well.  One of her favorites of his- a rawhide.  She loves to play with it, and eat it if she can get to it before we do.



Gross, right?  It feels as if hubs and I are always monitoring where she is vs. the rawhide.  Unless she comes over while Huck is directly chewing on it (which has happened), he doesn’t seem to mind sharing.  I’m ready for this phase to pass.  On a related note, I’m thinking of starting a ‘blackmail’ file in my photos to pull out at an inopportune moment one day. 


One thought on “Rawhide!

  1. Can you teach Huck that rawhide stays on the couch or somewhere “up high”? Or give him rubber chew-ies that are DW or boiling water cleanable? Or just trade out the rawhide for an appropriate toy for her with an uh huh? Anna is a doll!!! I wonder also if you are eating soup or a casserole with a spoon— she’s so observant, maybe she’d try eating and feeding herself as well with a spoon! Just an idea! You are such a good Mama!! Xoxox

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