Daddy Daughter Nap

Daddy Daughter Nap

Hubs and I love the weekend. Even though Little Miss didn’t get the memo that it means sleeping in, we usually are able to trade off so that one of us can get some extra sleep. I will admit that when our precious baby awoke at 6:25 am, it was my turn to get up with her. But I was warm and cozy and didn’t want to. Neither did hubs. As Little Miss fretted in the next room, he and I began a rousing game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who would get up with her and who would sleep. I won! Back to bedtime snuggles under the warm, warm blanket.
About an hour later I was ready to get up for good. I noticed it was quiet downstairs, but I thought they went to play in her play room to keep things nice and quiet for me. Nope, I came downstairs and these two were passed out on the couch. At this point I was actually a little jealous of hubs getting to sleep with her. She doesn’t usually/ever cuddle up like that and fall asleep with me. I’m trying to collect as many pictures like these as I can because they’re just so sweet and time like this is limited. We have to enjoy this while we can- even if it means having to wake up early on the weekend.


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