The Play Room

In the new house the master bedroom is downstairs.  Someday this will be great, but currently hubs and I are sleeping in an upstairs bedroom so that we can be closer to baby for all those middle of the night wakings.  The master bedroom is HUGE and it seemed a waste to simply make it a guest room.  In an effort to try to maintain some cleanliness in the family room, we thought it’d be a good idea to make the master bedroom a play room.  We have most of her toys in there and just a few in the family room.  It does keep things neater, but with a baby things are never really clean.  The other day I was cleaning up the kitchen and realized I couldn’t see Sweet Pea.  I went to the master doorway and this is what I saw:


Little Miss made her way into the play room and found things to play with on her own.  Yay- freedom!  Here she is choosing another activity: 



I’d like to organize the room more with shelves and have a rotating toy structure, but that’s a bit beyond me at the moment.  We will get there, we will be organized, and we will teach her to put things away after herself.  2 out of 3 isn’t bad, right?



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