Running Makes me a Better Mother

Running Makes me a Better Mother

In an effort to reclaim my shape and get some alone time, I signed up for the Indy Mini at the beginning of May. I’ve run this half marathon several times before. It’s great- it’s well orgainzed, flat, and a lot of fun. But that means that I have to start running. Since the new house has a greenway right at the entrance to our neighborhood and it’s completely safe and relatively well-lit, I have no excuse not to run. I’ve been out twice alone, once with a running group, and once with hubs and Chickadee. I’m so far from where I once was, but each time I get out I’m so happy. I feel like an adult again able to have adult conversations. Or if I’m alone, it’s nice to just look up at the moon, look at all the neighborhoods I pass by and get lost in the music.
Last night I planned to run, but when hubs got home not feeling well and it was already dark, I thought I’d skip it. He encouraged me to go out. I was already wearing the clothes, I have a race to train for and I had no excuse, so off I went. It was one of my best runs in a long time. I came back beaming and must’ve thanked hubs for encouraging me out the door about 20 times. Doing something for me, just for me, makes me feel really good. And once I got home, I was more enthusiastic about playing with our little lamb than I was all day. Even though I’m out of shape, I had so much energy afterwards. Plus, my running shoes made great entertainment for Little Miss. I think she’s still baffled as to why the laces wouldn’t untie for her. I’ll teach her about double knotting someday.


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