Her Own Meal

Her Own Meal

Hubs and I decided to go out for dinner last night and Qdoba is one of our favorite places. When we got there we began the discussion of what to get for Little Miss. If she sees us eating, she wants some and it’s not fair to make her eat puffs while we get an entire meal. I reasoned that mine had meat and didn’t want to share mine. Hubs usually gets a 3 taco meal and I asked for one of his to be vegetarian for her, but he said he was hungry and didn’t want to share. Finally, we realized that the only solution for us was to get her her own meal. We decided that a quesadilla would be fine and then hubs got veggies on one of his tacos so we could share them with her. There was a lot of her meal left over that she’ll be able to have for lunch today, but it struck me that this was the first time that we ordered a meal just for her. Looks like our restaurant bills are about to go up.

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