Baby’s First Ride

Sunday’s temps were just as nice as Saturday’s so to continue on our outdoors weekend, we decided that I would run on our neighborhood greenway and hubs would accompany me on his bike with baby in the trailer behind.  Like the hiking backpack, we scored this trailer at our local bargain store for a cool $16.  (I still walk around the house smiling about the deal we got.)  Hubs got the trailer assembled and put on his bike and we loaded baby in.  Here are some before shots.



It worked really well and Little Miss enjoyed the ride.  So much so that it put her right to sleep.  She fell asleep sometime on our trip back to the neighborhood.  To maximize the nap, I walked and hubs rode around the neighborhood when we got back.  Finally, we decided to park the bike in the grass near the driveway and work in the garage while she snoozed peacefully.  That didn’t last too long before she woke up.  

The only problem we foresee is that the trailer isn’t really compatible with her bike helmet.  When we put it on, the excess helmet in the back stuck out so much that Little Miss couldn’t really sit upright.  She began to cry and so we decided that for this ride on a greenway separated from cars we would risk riding without a helmet.  It’s not a long term solution, but we’ll have to keep thinking about the best way to address that so she can be as safe and comfortable as possible.  

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