New Year, New Start

You may notice that the blog looks a little different.  I decided that I wanted to change the theme each year to mark a fresh start.  That’s not the only fresh start of the year.  New house, new neighborhood, new goals, and plenty of new adventures to be had.  Since I thought my last house was my 30 year house and was horribly wrong, I’m not going to assume that this will be our 30 year house either, although there’s certainly room to grow.  I wanted to find a way to mark where we were as a family when we moved and I came upon this idea:  put Anna in a moving box on our front porch.  Voila:



She doesn’t look the happiest, but it wasn’t exactly warm outside when we took the photo.  Can you believe my baby fits inside a copy box!!  I then realized that you can’t really get the whole idea of the scale of the house, so I took this:



I like that the reindeer is also on the front porch so it can remind us what season we moved in on.  Don’t you also love the huge wardrobe boxes in the upstairs windows?  Hubs and I used them for privacy for about a week before we figured out a curtain situation.  True story.  This year has already been full of adventures, so let’s get started and I’ll share what we’ve been up to.  


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