It Was Only a Matter of Time…

We knew that Little Miss would crawl and pull up on things, because that’s what all babies do.  Fortunately, this house has a built in media center.  It’s nice to have a dedicated spot with lots of plugs to put your AV stuff.  All of a sudden we have components out at this house that I never saw at the old one.  Hubs says that it’s going to alter the way I watch tv.  I think it’s just a bunch of black boxes that are taking up valuable space where I could be putting baby’s toys.  Baby may have found the solution to this, because, unfortunately, she’s turning the components into her toys.  





Hmmm…what to do?  Hubs is talking about putting cabinet fronts on to keep her out, but I wonder how that will work with the sound and access for the remote control.  In the short term, I think it’s just going to mean we have to watch Little Miss Curious very closely to make sure she’s not playing too rough.


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