Happy 8 Month Birthday, Butternut!

Happy 8 Month Birthday, Butternut!

It’s so hard to believe that I’ve already been a mother for 8 months. There are days that I just watch her in amazement at what she can do now. She crawls all around the house and explores everything. She definitely knows who her parents are and loves to cuddle with us. She also loves giving kisses, which involve placing her wet, open mouth somewhere on your face and licking. They’re very sloppy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
This month brought a lot of change. We started the month up north and then came home to pack up the house and move across town. During this time she learned to sleep in her crib in her own room, crawl, clap, and pull up. It’s amazing how fast she’s growing up. Here’s the month, by the numbers:

Diaper Size- 3
Bum Genius- Still 3 snaps on the middle, buttoned on the middle rise
Clothes Size- more 9-12 months than 6-9 months 😦
#oz drunk/day- 5 6 oz bottles a day and we give her a 4 oz bottle during the night
Road Trips- 0, but Grandma came for several weeks and Papaw came to help one night
Favorite things- books, eating, Huckleberry
Things that make her laugh- dancing, kissing her tummy, tickling the side of her neck, petting Huck
Foods Tried- cucumber, biscuit, cornbread, raisin bread, boca chicken patty, water chestnut, green beans, red peppers
New Discovery: crawling, clapping, pulling up
# teeth- still 2
Biggest Challenge- getting her to take 2 decent naps on a regular basis
Biggest Success- Sleeping in her crib in her own bedroom!
Sweetest Thing- after finishing a bottle, Little Miss always turns around for a cuddle. She likes to fall asleep cuddled into us, then be transferred to her crib
Animal Impersonations-
1. turtle- if she somehow falls on her back, she just cries until someone picks her up or helps her roll over. She’s forgotten how to roll over on her own.
2. chipmunk- she likes to store food in her cheeks. It can be quite a while later before you can get her to open up her mouth enough to see that there’s still food.


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