Puppy Love

The love affair between Huck and Little Miss continues.  When we let Huck outside to do his business, Little Miss sometimes goes to the door to watch.  They stare lovingly at each other until I let him in.  Here she is crawling away because I couldn’t get to my camera fast enough.



Like all love affairs, this one is evolving and is becoming a bit contentious.  Little Miss has discovered his food bowls, you see.  



She loves going over to them and playing.  Puppy does not approve of this. at. all.  When he notices her crawling in that direction he runs over there and tries to eat his food quickly.  He’s also started growling.  We’re trying to break him of the habit, but aren’t having any luck thus far.  I tried taking the food bowls up whenever she crawled over there, but that resulted in them both hunting the floor for any kibble that fell out.



Mostly, she enjoyed playing in the water bowl.  My mom and I were mopping water off the floor several times a day.



Finally, I conceded defeat.  I couldn’t see an end to the stalemate in sight and I didn’t want to keep correcting Huck or cleaning up the water bowls.  I moved the bowls to another room which seems to have fixed the issue.  I know that in the whole scheme of things this won’t be an issue for long, but it sure is amusing.


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