Merry Christmas to You!

We hope that you had a Merry Christmas.  We spent Christmas Eve unpacking the pod at the new house and woke up for our first Christmas as a family in the new house.  Because there was so much activity going on, we didn’t go all out on a tree.  I had a fake one that’s been living in the guest room for years.  We threw up some lights, added an ornament we got at the Gnome Festival and called it a day.  It truly was all we could manage.  

Because I grew up Jewish and hubs was Baptist, we decided that Little Miss would get to experience both holidays.  Hanukkah was early this year and we celebrated it while we were up North.  We did do some presents this year, but nothing over the top. We don’t actually have many pictures because 1. we were busy being in the moment with our family and 2. we decided to do more video so we could share it with those who bought Sugar Pop gifts.  

One thing I will say is that you have to beware what you leave laying around or you could come back to this scene:


She started to help open one of Grandma’s pressies a bit early :/  We had a pretty low key day, considering most of the house was still in boxes.  Sugar Pop didn’t seem to mind and we had a successful Christmas.  We hope that your family enjoyed theirs as well.




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