Long Hunter Hike

The good thing about living in our current location is that we’re very close to a state park with lots of walking trails.  One of my mama friends brought her baby and we went for a hike early this week.  At one point her baby was being a bit fussy so we had to pull to the side for a little feeding.  I used the time as an opportunity to do a little photo op with Little Miss.



Not a fantastic pic, but I think it did a good job of commemorating the moment.  Turns out that Little Miss wants to be in motion.  She only tolerated my attempts at pictures for a little bit before she demanded I start walking again.  Fortunately, my friend had a similar idea in mind and snapped this pic of the two of us.



I love it!  The only evidence you see of Sugar Pop are her pink legs sticking out.  Trust me, she was there.  All 20+ lbs of her.  It was cold, but we kept a brisk pace and had a really nice hike.  I hope to get out there at least once a week.  I have no excuse living only 10 mins from that beauty.

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