Let’s Bang in the New Year!!

The new house is providing many new opportunities to explore.  Underneath our cooktop are some shelves.  I’m storing our pots and pans there because I think that it’s a handy place to access them.  It’s also handy for Little Miss Curious.  I mentioned earlier that Little Miss now likes to be where we are and that often includes the kitchen.  The pots and pans make for great entertainment.  At first she played with the metal on the handles that can be used to hang them.  However, that quickly progressed to moving them off the shelves, sticking her hands in them and banging.




(Side note: You can see my baby pulled up below.  What?!)



(Side note: Sugar Pop is becoming very expressive with her tongue.  You can get a glimpse of that below.)




It’s all fun and games until someone puts her hand in the soup pot and then doesn’t know how to get it out.  This elicited quite the panic until Mommy came to the rescue.  We hope that you had a happy new year.  We did absolutely nothing to celebrate.  After putting Little Miss down we planned to pull out a bottle of Vueve and light up the new fireplace.  Instead, I had a headache and was in bed just after Little Miss.  It’s amazing how quickly the choice between sleep and staying up until midnight can be made these days:)


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