Bye bye Grandma, Hello Papaw!

Little Miss’s grandma is a sport.  She hosted us at her house for over a week and then drove South with us to help with the big move.  With the house closed on and the move complete, it was time for her to get back to her life back North.  Plus, I think she told me she missed the cold and the snow.  After a solid month of togetherness, Grandma decided to take the Megabus back home.  Would you believe that all her belongings that she packed for a month were in the box?  She sure does pack light.  She asked hubs to make a handle for her so she could carry the box from the bus stop to the train station while in Chicago.  She was so happy with her handle:



Meanwhile, work needed to be done at the old house to get it ready for renting.  Papaw to the rescue there.  He came in early Saturday morning to help out.  I wasn’t over there, but I understand there was a flurry of activity.  Here’s Papaw relaxing after a full day of work.



No rest for the weary, Papaw.  Luckily, the two overlapped a bit and got to chat a while before Papaw went to bed and Grandma caught the bus.  Hubs and I sure are lucky to have such helpful parents:) 


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