The Sweetest Thing

We’ve established the Little Miss and Huckleberry are in the process of developing a beautiful relationship.  A few times this week I witnessed the following scene…

Baby girl crawls on the floor and Huck walks in front, lies down and makes his belly available:



He then looks back to see if she’s noticed:



Once they make eye contact he turns away again, so as not to appear too desperate for a belly rub:



Little Miss thinks about it a moment, and then obliges:




Huckleberry is in bliss.  I hope they’re always this way.


One thought on “The Sweetest Thing

  1. Adorable! That would make a cute picture book — me and my dog!

    I thought this is a good time to start traditions and strings of yearly photos,,,,,,in front of tree every year , with menorah, with dog, on New Years, then you can shoot same photo over the years as she grows. Just a thought! Wish I had done it! Thanks for sharing! Love seeing You and your precious family! Xoxoxo Sent from my iPad


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