Happy 7 Month Birthday, Sweet Potato!

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Sweet Potato!

Love the smile on her face. It’s clear that I need to get to the store for some onesies, because I didn’t have any that fit her for this picture! She didn’t really seem to mind and actually had fun posing for these pics.
This past month flew by quickly and was unique in that I kept Little Miss in Chicago for a week while Daddy went back home to work. It was a fun week, but utterly challenging. I’m not sure that I’ll be trying that again for a while. Two words: sleep deprivation.

Anywho….here’s the month by the numbers:

Weight- 20 ish (she’s heavy to carry)
Diaper Size- 3
Bum Genius- Still 3 snaps on the middle, buttoned on the middle rise
Clothes Size- 6-9 mos., moving into 9-12 mos
#oz drunk/day- 5 6 oz bottles a day and we give her a 4 oz bottle during the night
Road Trips- 1, Chicago for Thanksgiving
Favorite things- her xylophone piano, books
Things that make her laugh- play dropping her while holding her, spinning around
Foods Tried- yellow squash:) zucchini:) cauliflower:) pizza crust:):) corn bread:/ lentil sloppy joe:/ Huck’s rawhide:):) apple:) cucumber:/ black beans and rice:/
New Discovery: rocking on all four legs, teeth!
#Teeth: 2 (bottom middle)
Biggest Challenge- getting her to stay asleep
Interesting Fact- because I usually carry her on my left hip, my left arm is much stronger than my right


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