Hey, Say!

Sarah, or Sayrah as we like to call her, is one of my friends that I met in grad school and lived with for a couple of years.  She got pregnant shortly after I did and came to TN to have the baby.  Luckily, we got to spend some time with her before her baby was born.  There was this picture from when Little Miss was just a wee little baby…



Then there was this picture taken when Say and Tater Tot had some girlie bonding time together (and Huck)…



And now our dear friend Sayrah is a mom herself.  She was one of my last friends to give birth which makes me realize how old my little baby is getting.  We’ve gotten to meet her little bundle a few times before they go back home.  The girls had some time together this weekend.  Little Miss Curious got to explore all her hair while her friend did tummy time…



I’m really jealous of all the hair.  However, if you ask Little Miss what she did the past two months, she’d tell you she grew hair.  And teeth.  Even though it’s still pretty thin, it is coming in and starting to fill out.  It’s like she has a layer of fluffy down around her head.  I’m hoping that she’ll be able to have a little sprout by her first birthday.  But, I digress.

This past weekend was the last time that we’ll see them for a while since they’re going back after Thanksgiving.  So, we were sure to get a big hug and a family photo.  We’ve come a long way together.  I can’t wait to see the little girls grow up together and be friends.



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