The Next Step in the Evolution to Soccer Mom

The Next Step in the Evolution to Soccer Mom

So it’s official- we’re moving at the end of next month to this house. It neither is blue nor has a brick sidewalk, so I’m not sure what that will mean for the blog, but here’s the house nonetheless. It all started a few months ago when I complained for the millionth time about how small and unworkable the kitchen was. Hubs helped in the kitchen after the baby was born and agreed with me. We met with the contractor who built our garage and when he finally ran some numbers and got back to us with how much it would be to expand the house, we took pause. Hubs took more than pause- he took the opportunity to create some models, run some numbers and started to make the argument that moving to another house was the appropriate remedy.
I resisted- hard- because when I bought this house 4 years ago, I planned that it would be my forever home. I always knew that I could expand out the back should the need for more space arise. The neighborhood is so accessible to the interstates, walking distance of downtown, and I know my neighbors and feel connected to the neighborhood. Hubs assured me that he wouldn’t ask me to move unless we could find all those things in another house. I was very doubtful.
It turns out that what we were looking for couldn’t be found in the city for a decent price, but could be found in the suburbs. We stumbled upon this house in a development that has the same feel as our current neighborhood, is right on a greenway, is walking distance to shopping (although they’re all major chains, so not too much personality) and has access to a community pool. I never fancied myself a suburban mom, but there are a lot of things about this area that are walkable and I can’t deny that it’ll be safer and more fun for baby bee growing up. We’ll keep our house and rent it for a few years as we expect its value to continue climbing. In the meanwhile, I’ll really get a taste of the suburbs and see if that kind of living is for me.


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