Puppy’s Perch

Puppy's Perch

There are several things that get Huckleberry excited during the wintertime.
1. Putting on shoes and coat- he thinks he’s going for a walk or out with you every time. It’s sad when you tell him he has to stay- he gets such a disappointed look.
2. The heating vent by the front door- he can often be found there warming up. It’s great when he comes to get cuddles because his belly is sooo warm!
3. This blue down blanket. This was a gift years ago from someone who wanted to acknowledge my love of napping. It is soft, it is warm, and it is very snuggly. Hubs and I fight over this blanket when we’re watching tv at night and we use it on the bed when it’s really cold. Huck also really appreciates this blanket and follows it around the house. Yesterday when I shook out the blanket to use it, Huck spotted me and ran to me to get underneath lickety split. He’ll also hang out on the ottoman if it means he gets to snuggle the blanket.

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