Happy Halloween!



When we went to the pumpkin patch, we gave you a preview that our little pumpkin was going to be a pumpkin this year.  She wasn’t so happy about it the first time.  However, Mamaw needed a happy picture of her dressed up, so this is take 2.  Sadly, it wasn’t taken on Halloween itself, as that day was a total washout here.  Not only did it rain all day, there were heavy winds and tornado watches.  The city couldn’t get trick or treating sorted out, so we decided that we would pass on giving out treats on Halloween and do it Friday with the rest of the city instead.  That was a mistake.  There were some brave trick or treaters out on Thursday who didn’t get any of our candy.  When we were ready to hand it out on Friday, only one girl and her much older (too old to trick or treat) sister came to the door.  Oops.  Usually people bus into the neighborhood and we go through our candy lickety split.  This year we gave out less than 5 pieces.  Makes me feel a bit better about breaking into the Halloween candy a few weeks early!  We still had a large bag left over, but I was serious about going back to Weight Watchers so he took it to work with him.  I’m sure he’s enjoying both his mid morning and mid afternoon pick-me-ups:)

Even though we didn’t get to dress up and hand out candy on the porch, Little Miss still had a special treat.  Aunty Judy and Uncle Mike came to visit.  They came in the morning and spent all day with us.  There was a special treat for Mommy, too- she got a 2+ hour nap while baby was being watched downstairs.  It was bliss.  Aunty Judy was great about taking lots of pictures on her phone, but for some reason I don’t have them to show now.  It’s hard not to get wrapped up in having fun and remember to take pictures when family is around.  

While Little Miss was in costume, I pulled out my pumpkin costume circa 5th grade.  It was huge so it still fit (and is still huge).  Lots of people have worn this costume in the meantime, but it was fun to be able to put it back on and share with my daughter.  Here’s a picture of us in the Halloween spirit.



Even Huckleberry was feeling it and asked me to take this picture of him saying, ‘Boo!’



We hope you had a great Halloween and had better luck with the trick or treaters than we did!


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