Happy 6 Month Birthday, Sweet Potato!

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Sweet Potato!

The last of my pregnant friends have just had their babies. My baby just turned 6 months-old, making me one of the seasoned mommies in the group. How on earth did this happen? Each day she shows us a little more personality and each day we fall in love with her a little bit more. We had our 6 month checkup at the Dr’s office and are happy to report that she’s thriving. Here’s this month, by the numbers.

Weight- 19 lbs 7.5 oz (94th percentile)
Height- 28 in (99th percentile)
Head circumference- 16 in (50th percentile)
Diaper Size- 3
BumGenius- 3 snaps open in the middle, middle snaps for the rise
Clothes Size- 6-9 mos.
#oz drunk/day- 30-36 oz (mix of bottles and nursing)
Foods tried- banana :), avocado:), broccoli:) 🙂
# pooplosions- 1, on daddy (finally)
Road trips- none, but Mamaw came to stay for a week
Favorite Things- dropping toys, going outside
Things that make her laugh- 5 little piggies, making funny faces at her, watching Huckleberry, bouncing on our knees
New Discovery- petting Huckleberry
Biggest Challenge- trying to get her to take decent naps in her crib.
Sweet Moment- Everyday when Daddy comes home she instantly brightens up. And if he doesn’t come to hold her immediately, she cries. She is a daddy’s girl through and through. This happens every. single. day.


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