Bargain Hunter

Bargain Hunter

I think we established that I love finding a deal, especially with baby stuff that gets used so little before Butterbean outgrows it. While I was pregnant, Pottery Barn Kids gave me a coupon that was worth checking out. However, when I saw the prices I realized that even with the offer I had, it was still too expensive. The toy she’s pictured with was nontoxic, but at $12 I couldn’t do it. However, later at the thrift store I stumbled upon a bin that had a quart size ziploc bag that could be filled for $2. Sitting in the bin amongst a lot of other junk was this toy in like-new condition. Knowing the value of the toy and looking at its great condition, I snapped it up as fast as I could and smiled to myself when it was rung up for a fraction of the price I almost bought it for at PBK. It’s become one of her favorites for chewing on and every time I see her play with it I feel pride at the deal I was able to score.


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