Feeding Frenzy

Little Miss Hungry is now eating solids.  And by eating, I mean ‘eating.’ And by solids, I mean the mushiest, messiest foods possible.  However, the weeks of eyeing and reaching for Daddy’s and my plates have paid off.  We’re skipping the rice cereal and the purees and going straight for the good stuff.  This is a method of feeding called Baby Led Weaning (BLW) that has them eat whatever is being eaten at the table (within reason).  The first food we started her on was banana.  While we thought to take a video, we completely forgot about still photos.  (Oops.)  We’ll just say that there was a lot of smushing involved and she could take it or leave it.  We then moved on to avocado.  She wasn’t too sure about it the first time and was still getting used to the whole ‘eating’ process.  Daddy tried to help her out a bit so she could get the hang of it.





Last night we added steamed broccoli into the mix.  I’m sure if she could talk, she’d be screaming, “Broccoli-i-i is for me-e-e,” from the rooftops.  She was really into it.  We also gave her more avocado.  She was able to feed herself without any help at all tonight as she’s starting to get the hang of it.





As you can see, it’s a very messy process.  She hasn’t developed her pincher grip yet, so she picks it up with her fist, smashes it, and then brings it to her mouth, if she doesn’t just spill it over the side of the table, that is.  The good news is that Huckleberry also likes bananas, avocado and broccoli.  This helps greatly with cleanup.  We’re telling Huck that this is the time that he’s been waiting for, when baby finally becomes worth having around the house.  He learned to stay away while we were eating because we never gave him any food.  Now he comes to the table and stares at our budding eater with such attention you can actually feel him willing her to drop every handful.  Here’s where their relationship will really begin to take off.

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