My Triumphant (Ha!) Return to Racing

One of the best things about living in our neighborhood is the street festival that happens every October.  They close down the streets, lots of vendors come in to sell crafts and food, and there are beer tents galore.  We’re really happy to be in the middle of it, but we’re also happy that it’s only one day.  Associated with the festival is a 5K; it kicks off the festivities in the morning.  Because I’m trying to ease my way back into training for a half marathon, and because the proceeds benefit the neighborhood, I registered.  So…we loaded everyone up and walked towards the start line a block away.

Here I am looking optimistic at the beginning.


And just taking off at the start.


I finished in a time just under 31 mins and had to walk a few times.  It really wore me out- I was sore for days.  Looks like I wasn’t the only one worn out by the race.



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