Lesson Learned

Before Sugar Pop was born I taught myself how to sew.  Thanks to Pinterest I was able to find lots of tutorials and adorable projects for my daughter-to-be.  As a result I was able to make cute little onesie dresses such as this:



(Didn’t she used to be so little?)  They were cute, relatively simple, and quick to make.  So with Halloween around the corner, I decided to make her a little candy corn onesie dress.  No problem, I thought.  I’ve done this plenty of times before, I thought.  I don’t need to review the directions, i thought.  (See where this is going?)  The good news is that I did remember all the steps.  The bad news is that I didn’t really bother to measure.  So, while it looked fine in theory, when I went to put it over her head, it looked like this:



Oops.  It wasn’t even close to being able to fit over her head.  Measure twice, cut once?  Turns out it’s really good advice.  I think in the future I’ll be sure to follow it.  


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