Look Who’s Sitting Up!



It’d been a long time since we went to visit my old work, so on a whim I decided to take her visiting today.  There’s nothing like going to a preschool to humble you.  I thought I had this thing pretty much down when one of my old bosses asked me if she was sitting up.  When I replied she wasn’t, she said that I might try it.  So….when we got home I put the boppy behind her to buffer any falls and plopped her down.  And there she stayed.  Sometimes I feel so silly.  She never really fell back, but she did come forward a few times and wound up on her belly.  Once she faceplanted and cried a bit, but I think she was more surprised than anything.  Anyway, it’s nice to have a new skill to work on for a while.  



Now that she’s getting to be more and more his size, Huck came over to check her out.  They’re now eye level, you can see he’s worried about what this may mean for him.  Little does he realize the real trouble starts when she begins to crawl.  



Yay!  Another milestone reached (almost).


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