Happy 4 Month Birthday, Sweet Pea!

I know that she’s very nearly 5 months at this point, but there was a lot of craziness happening at the end of last month and it’s taken me until know to get settled/back in the game and get my act together to take the photo.  Here’s month 4, by the numbers…



Weight- 16ish

Diaper Size- just moved to size 3

Bum Genius- 2-3 snaps in the middle, depends on the time of day and who’s doing the changing

Clothes Size- heading into 6-9 mos.

#oz drunk/day- switching to 5 oz bottles, combining with breastfeeding, all over the place

Road trips- 3, Atlanta, Memphis and Chicago

Favorite things- taggie

Things that make her laugh-

kiddie aerobics, walking fingers up tummy, putting her upside down, doing ‘bicep curls’ with her and kissing her tummy, 

New Discovery: rolling over, making noises with her mouth, eating and grabbing hair


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