The Napping Solution

The Napping Solution

After a sleep regression that lasted a few weeks, Little Miss Sleepy is back to sleeping through the night. Hubs and I are both thrilled about that one. Unfortunately, the last week or two her naps are really taking a hit. She’s only been sleeping about 45 min in the morning before waking up screaming and not being able to go back down. In the afternoon Little Miss and I became accustomed to napping together for 2-2.5 hours. She’s been waking up from those naps after an hour screaming. It’s not a nice way to be woken up and it takes me a while to get her back down, or I have to just get up and wait a few hours before I can try to put her down for another nap.
Growing disillusioned with this new nap pattern, I decided to go back to basics for her morning nap. Hubs normally does the night routine where he puts her in the sleep sack, turns on the noise machine, puts her down in her cosleeper and leaves her be until she falls asleep. I decided to try something similar for her nap. I put her in her cosleeper with the noise machine, but that didn’t work. I thought she might need a light blanket over her that she could kick off since it’s warmer during the day- no cigar. I brought her into bed with me and tried cuddling- nope. Finally, I put the sleep sack on her and laid down next to her- she was out in less than 2 minutes. And here she’s sleeping still two hours later. She did wake up after about 45 min with a scream, but by the time I got upstairs to check on her she was already back asleep. Score!
I’m not sure what this extended morning nap will mean for the afternoon when I’m ready to lay down as well, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.


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