Let’s Bounce

Let's Bounce

When we were in IL we bought this jumparoo for Little Miss thinking she may enjoy it at some point. I couldn’t pass up the price. It sat around the living room for a few days until hubs asked what it was. He installed it and we decided that she probably had good enough head control to give it a try. The first few times she went in, it took a while to figure it out, but she enjoyed spinning around and putting her feet on the ground. This is a picture from one of her early times in the swing.
Today I put her in and went to do some things in the kitchen. When I came back her feet were wide apart and she was balancing. Later she began spinning and she enjoyed playing with the toys that are attached at the tray. She played happily in there for almost an hour today. I kept waiting to hear the signal that she was done and it never came. Finally I took her out to feed her. She hasn’t figured out how to use her legs to really get herself bouncing, but I’m sure that will just add to the fun once she figures out the next step on the equipment.


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