Coffee Date

Coffee Date

I’m extremely lucky that I’m meeting and making friends with other moms in the neighborhood. I’m becoming particularly close to one mom who lives just a block away and has a son 10 months older than Little Miss. We often see each other at play dates around town, but we’ve taken to hanging out around 3-4:00, when the afternoon starts to drag on and we’re waiting for the husbands to get home. Little Miss is heading full on into teething and had a really difficult day today. She didn’t nap well, fussed a lot and screamed in Mama’s face a large portion of the day. So when I asked my friend if she wanted to get coffee and an afternoon treat at the neighborhood coffee shop and she said yes, I was thrilled/relieved/excited. After we finished up there, we went back to her house for an impromptu play date- man I love those- and by the time I walked home, Daddy was pulling up. Relief! I was never so happy to walk the dog by myself and get some peace and quiet. Hopefully the tooth will come soon, things will get back to normal, and Mama can catch a break.


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