Water Baby?

Hubs is in charge of giving baths in this house and I never hear crying when he does.  So, imagine my surprise when I took her to a friend’s house for a water play date today and this was the reaction she gave during her first time in the pool. (*elapsed time: 20 seconds)







I’m so grateful I thought to ask another mom to document her experience.  These pictures will be treasured classics for years to come.  Who knows, we may even pull them out when she starts dating- I think we’re going to be those kinds of parents.  Anyways, I did wait a little bit and then a mom who was sitting in another pool offered to hold Little Miss Scaredy in the water.  That didn’t fare any better, the minute her toes touched the water she began crying.  She then instantly stopped when removed from the water…it was a very interesting on/off switch situation happening.   Ah well, at any rate, she got to have a new experience and watch all the other babies play and I got to talk with other moms.  It was a fun day overall.

One thought on “Water Baby?

  1. save this for when she joins swim team or wins her first swim meet. By the way, I need a pic 4 my brag book. Also, Anyway does not end in S (unless that is a Southern thing). iyy

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