My Fair Lady

My mother in law won the Mid-South Fair when she was a baby.  Hubs took 3rd place.  It only seems fitting that we should enter Little Miss Beautiful in the fair as well and see if she can continue the family legacy.  I promise, I won’t become a pageant mom, but here are the choices we have so far based on the pics we snapped this morning.  Feel free to vote in the comments- the entry is due Sunday.

Option 1- is the bow too high on her head? This was cropped…



Option 2



Option 3- I did crop this, not sure why it’s not working online…



Option 4- not as smiley, but I prefer the angle and don’t those gorgeous eyes just draw you in?




5 thoughts on “My Fair Lady

  1. Oh my Goodness!! They are ALL heart melters!!! Soo beautiful!!
    Definitely a Midwest Baby Contest Winner, probably a WorldWide Most Beautiful Winner!!
    Especially if we can stuff the ballot box!!! Lol!

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