Giddy Up!

Giddy Up!

Little Miss Active definitely wants to be on the move. She’ll hang out with you on the couch for a little bit, but then sends up the signal (fusses) telling you it’s time to move around the house. Because her head control is so good and she’s pretty used to the seated position, Daddy thought he’d try to carry her around on his shoulders. She seemed intrigued by the change in perspective and enjoyed looking at new things, like the cereal on top of the refrigerator. Daddy was initially worried if they’d be too tall to fit through doorways, but I assured him there was no issue and around the house they went. It’s a different way to ‘babywear’ than I prefer, but they enjoy it and that’s what counts.


4 thoughts on “Giddy Up!

  1. Her Grandpa Winston is famous for his Badumpa Badumpa rides!! Every child loved them– and HIM!

    And come to think of it our Cousin Sally remembered our Grandpa Max, her Uncle, giving her rides when he visited! ;~}

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