This past weekend while we were in Memphis, Mamaw gave Little Miss a homemade taggie. It’s a thing with young babies that they often love to play with the tags more than the stuffed animal or toy that they’re on. Many people have capitalized on this and made taggies…squares of fabric with nothing but tags sewn on the edges. Usually it’s ribbons with different textures so it can double as a tactile experience. Little Miss is starting to grab at things, so it’s a prime opportunity to introduce this to her. Mamaw beat me to it and made one out of super soft minky with ribbons of different sizes, colors and textures on the outside, oh, and her initial embroidered in to make it really special. We didn’t have anything to entertain her for the car trip back (she usually just sleeps), so we threw this in. When she woke up after a 2 hour nap guess what she wanted to play with? She also played with it at home and held it through diaper changes and feedings. This would make a great ‘lovie’ as it’s educational, small, easily washable and special. Only time will tell how much she attaches to it, but it could be around for a while.


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