More Cousin Love

This past weekend we packed up the car and headed down to Atlanta.  Hubs and I are interested in redoing our kitchen soon and wanted to check out the cabinets and organizational options at Ikea.  His sister just moved there last month with her family and it gave us a great opportunity to hang out with them and check out their new digs.  The cousins have met before, but it was a quick thing on their way through town.  This was the first time that they spent any real amount of time together.  I think that Sophia loves having a little girl cousin, and if this picture is any indication, my little Chunky Monkey loves her cousin right back.



We had a good time hanging out on Saturday and catching up.  On Sunday we went to Ikea and shopped it up.  We bought large quantities of chocolate on sale and had fun exploring all the different spaces with everyone.  Before we left, we got all the cousins on the couch and took this picture.  I love the expressions/hand gestures of the youngest cousins.  



And then, all too quickly, it was time to drive back home.  We’re getting to be pretty seasoned road trippers at this point…


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