Happy 3 Month Birthday, String Bean!

Happy 3 Month Birthday, String Bean!

This post is a little late, but on July 30, our little one turned 3 months old. This marks the end of the ‘fourth trimester’ where babies stop being infants and start being babies. We definitely feel that way about our little one.
She’s really starting to smile and we’re discovering new things she likes everyday. It’s a great feeling when she’s crying and you can distract her with something she loves and get her laughing, or at least smiling within moments. In the last few weeks I’ve been meeting lots of moms with girls around the same age as her. There’s 2 things I can say about Little Miss with certainty- she’s really strong and she’s a giant baby. Each time a mom tells me how old her baby is I’m always thinking, ‘really?’ as our little one is always much bigger. Here’s the month, by the numbers…

Weight- 15 lbs
Diaper size- 2
Bum genius- 2 snaps open in middle
Clothes size- 3-6 mos.
# oz drunk/day- 7 4oz. bottles, plus some nursing
Road trips- 1 to Indianapolis
Max # Stores in one day- 3
# times went to gym- 1
Favorite things: drooling, chewing her hand
Mama’s favorite thing: sleep nursing for 2 hour afternoon naps
Least favorite thing: waiting in the car seat while Mom does physical therapy
New discovery: looking at books, grabbing/pawing at objects


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