Play Hard, Sleep Hard

I’m so glad that we have a 12 week old and are approaching the 3 month mark.  Little Miss is much more engaging and really starting to focus and play with things.  And by play, I mean look at, reach out and touch.  She’s now staying on the play mat for long enough times that I can actually leave the room and do something, like the laundry or starting dinner.  One toy she likes to play with and hold is the frog pictured here.

ImageOne forgets how much effort it is to just play at that age.  I’m not sure exactly what she’s learning, but it must really wear her out.  The other day I put her down on the couch so I could go to the bathroom and fix a snack.  I peeked in to make sure that she hadn’t moved, but when I came back this is what I found.

ImageMy Corn Pop was passed out.  She didn’t stay that way for a terribly long time, but it was long enough to eat my food and gaze lovingly across the room at her.  What is it about a sleeping baby that makes your heart melt?  And what do they dream about?




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