July Road Trip!

We’re trying to make a concerted effort to get out of the house and resume some normal activities.  Last year we went to Indianapolis to visit some of my friends and attend a festival.  If you would have asked me at the beginning of the year if we’d go back, I’d have thought you crazy.  However, when my friend sent the notice about this year’s festival, I decided that I wanted to go.  It would be a great opportunity to get away, introduce the baby to my friends, and have some fun.  I’m getting worse and worse about taking pictures, but was able to get a few.  

ImageThere were lots of meals out, some one on one bonding time…

Imageand a final group shot from our last breakfast together…

ImageHubs had a great time at the festival and I stayed back with some other moms and their kids.  It was amazing how doing the same things I do day in and out in the company of other moms made the day go by so much smoother.  We’re hoping to make this an annual event.  

Oh, and Precious Pea?  She was a champ in the car.  We left late Friday night and she slept pretty much the entire way.  The same happened when we came back home on Sunday.  It’s nice to finally get a good car rider.  Makes car trips much more bearable:)  And when she’s not sleeping, she’s learning to look at some toys.  She’s an alert little monkey.  This is especially good because we have several trips coming up over the next month.





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