Happy 2 Month Birthday, Cocoa Puff!

Happy 2 Month Birthday, Cocoa Puff!

We tried to dress the little one in the same dress that she wore last month. This month it’s looking more like a shirt. Who knows what it’ll look like next month at the rate we’re going. We acknowledged that it was our sweet one’s birthday and dressed her up for these pictures, but that’s the extent of what we did to celebrate. Here’s the month by the numbers-

Weight approx 12 lbs 7 oz
Diaper size: 1
Bum genius- leave one snap undone in middle
Clothes size: 0-3 months
transitioned from disposable to cloth diapers
# Pooplosions- 0
# Growth spurts- 1 Sugar Pop grew eye lashes, chunky thighs, eyelashes, a little belly, eyelashes and some hair
# Grandmas come to help- 2
# Grandpas come to help- 0 (but we love them for sharing their wives:)
Aunts that came to visit- 2
# Roadtrips 1
Max length of time in car- 11 hrs
# work places visited- 2
# tongue ties/lip ties- 0
# oz drunk/day- 24-30 (but transitioning back to breastfeeding)
# hours sleeping /night- 9
Favorite things: milk, being swaddled
New discovery: hands, toys on the play mat


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