Where’s my daddy?

Where's my daddy?

In the garage, Sugar, with the other woman. Meet hubs’ 1968 Bronco and latest restoration project/attempt to keep himself sane.


4 thoughts on “Where’s my daddy?

  1. Wow, the Bronco looks rough! I was watching Fast and Loud on Cable and it reminded me of Scott. This guy owns a garage and he buys old cars and trucks and refurbishes them. They are beautiful when he gets through with them. Just be careful Scott! Tiffany, at least you know where he is after work.

    • I’m glad that after all this time, there’s something happening in that garage and that the lift is finally getting used. It’s nice to see him come in all dirty and gratified.

  2. I forgot to add 1968 was a very good year! That was the year I graduated from high school and got married 45 years ago!

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