It’s Getting Hot in Here…

It's Getting Hot in Here...

About a month ago the a/c went out upstairs. Our neighbor came over to bring a gift for little one and she mentioned that she was having the a/c company come out to do some work for her. We quickly crashed her party and asked if they could come to our house as well, which they did. A cool house that very same evening during the summer months- heaven.
Until this past weekend. When tater tot and I came back Monday night, we realized that the a/c was out again, signaling a more serious leak somewhere in the system. Finding a leak is not an easy task and, therefore, expensive to fix. Luckily, I have a very handy husband who can research and diy anything. He’s been on the case and in the meantime we’re camping in the living room.
I have to admit that it’s actually good for my sore back to have her higher co-sleeper downstairs and be able to put things like her bouncy seat up higher. It’s difficult to navigate around during the day, and I wouldn’t want anyone from the neighborhood coming around just now, but for a person with a sore back who can’t bend over that easily, especially holding a 10+ lb. baby, it’s been a blessing in disguise. We’re just lucky that the house has two units so the downstairs remains comfortable while we get the upstairs figured out.


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