Meeting Uncle Daniel

Meeting Uncle Daniel

Hubs came to pick me up so we could make the drive back home yesterday. On the way home we were able to stop off and have lunch and a bit of a play date with Uncle Daniel. Little Piglet was a little upset to begin with because she was hungry, but Daniel came to the rescue and fed her while we ordered our lunch. Way to jump right in and help out:) Luckily, she didn’t repay the favor with copious amounts of spit up or something worse.
To make the stop a bit longer and let us stretch our legs, we went walking on a trail for a bit with her and the puppy. She went in the carrier and chilled out while we had a nice little walk. We’re looking forward to coming back in a few weeks so she can spend more time with him and her future aunt. And the stop must’ve worn her out, because she slept through rush hour traffic, through the next big city and didn’t wake up until we stopped for dinner. That’s mama’s good sleeper:)


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