Tongue tie or no Tongue tie?

Tongue tie or no Tongue tie?

That is the million dollar question. There’s been no question that Little Miss and I have been struggling in the feeding department. Nearly two months in we still can’t seem to get it right and round the clock pumping sessions are very wearing. We’ve now seen 2 local lactation consultants who claim that the bambina has a lip and tongue tie, which can interfere with successful nursing and cause other issues, such as speech problems and tooth decay, if left untreated. The problem is that I went to both a local pediatric dentist and ENT who say that it’s either nonexistent or not worth releasing. So what to do? We may be traveling to a dentist who specializes in this somewhere else in the country (Chicago, perhaps?) which has insurance repercussions. Or we may take more time to continue to try to find someone locally who can do this and stay in network as her mama is convinced this exists. Ahhh…parenthood.

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