Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day!

One of the best gifts I ever gave my dad for father’s day was the gift of time. There was nothing that I could think of to buy him, so we loaded bikes on the bike rack and spent an enjoyable afternoon riding along Lake Michigan. It was really fun for both of us and really stands out as a special memory. For my first Mother’s Day, hubs arranged a picnic lunch for our new family in a local park- I loved it. So for his first Father’s Day I wanted to establish a tradition- giving the gift of time. We took Sweet Pea to a local state park and went for a hike. Not only was it her first one, but she slept the entire time. Because of the carrier, her hat, and the fact that she was asleep, we weren’t able to get any pictures really showing the two of them together, but imagine a beautiful little girl sleeping peacefully on her daddy underneath that hat. And then when we got home, I let him loose in the garage so he could work on his projects. I’d like to call the day a success- I hope he’ll feel the same.

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