The First Month- By the Numbers

Weight: 9 lbs. 2 oz.

Diaper size: 1

Clothes size: Newborn

Amount of food per feeding: 4 oz (but she has less feedings due to long naps)

# Consultants seen to help with breastfeeding: 5

# Days she was exclusively breastfed before acknowledging she needed more than I could provide on my own: 29

Maximum # hours slept through the night: 8

# hours spent fussing before that: almost 6

# of pooplosions: 2

# pooplosions on Mommy: 2

# pooplosions on Daddy: 0 (Clearly, we need to work on this)

# times the slipcovers on the couch washed to remove bodily fluids: more than I care to count

# Family members met: 9

Parties attended: 2

# compliments: too many to count

Amt of love inspired for her: infinite


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