Happy one month birthday!

Happy one month birthday!

It’s hard to believe that Sweet Pea is one month old already. Now I completely understand the parent daze that everyone was talking about. I’ll write another post with the numbers from the month, but it was quite an eventful day. My Corn Pop decided to do her very first impersonation….of Old Faithful. I was minding my own business, feeding her a bottle, talking on the phone, being smug about how under control I have this staying home alone thing, when suddenly a massive amount of the bottle she just partook came spewing back up, covering herself, me (of course) and the Boppy. Apparently I hadn’t been watching her cues for burping close enough. This resulted in her first bath given by a solo parent. It went easier than expected and then she went down for a very long nap, giving Mommy some time to calm down from the excitement and get her act back together. Nothing like a baby to put you in your place. When Daddy came home we tried to do a little photo shoot, and I edited the picture to make it look better, but for some reason the edited version won’t show up here. Please focus on her cuteness and not the mess in the background.


2 thoughts on “Happy one month birthday!

  1. Don’t worry, with Anna in the picture, we won’t ever look at anything else! And I’ll see if my mom can take a picture of it and send to you, but there is a picture of Scott around this age and she looks just like him!! So adorable!

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